May 21, 2013

Baby Steps

I have taken some baby steps in the beginnings of my new piece.  The background is 3/4 quilted
horizontally and then the top part where you see the grasses is quilted on the grasses.  There is a lot ahead yet but I think you will start getting the idea of how I am using this beautiful hand dyed piece of fabric.

The store closing is progressing.  Having a sale and also contacting people to auction off some of the clocks.  It is overwhelming unless you take it a day at a time so that is what I am doing.
Working in the studio for just a bit  helps a lot.


WoolenSails said...

I like the effect and I am seeing an evening pond in that background?


Loris said...

This is looking interesting. Are we expecting ducks? :-)

Beverly said...

Sounds like you have plenty on your plate. Congrats on the sale, hope it all goes smoothly.

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