Apr 16, 2013

Ghost Image

I replaced those two light border pieces with medium toned pieces which I think work much better.

 Then I quilted the back ground so it is ready for my foreground pieces.

 I made a barn as the furthest from the front.
Then I added the background to my rooster.  He is going to be mainly white.  He is not fused on yet as I will add feathers on my teflon sheet first and complete him there.  Then when done I will fuse him on the quilt.   This one is just a fun simple piece to do to refresh myself before
making something more complicated.  I like to do that from time to time just to feel good and refreshed to tackle something more intense in it's construction.

Last but certainly not least...it was a horrible nightmare day yesterday in Boston.  My heart goes out to all the families that lost loved ones or had ones they loved loose their limbs or were injured  and terrified.  I only hope that authorities find whoever is responsible and brings them to justice fast before they do somthing else.


WoolenSails said...

I like the replacement blocks, just enough difference to give it a pop without over powering the area. And I like the way you set the barn and rooster in, was wondering how it would look with that background, love it.


Loris said...

Cool barn! This will be a proud looking bird :-)
I am with you in thoughts about the marathon yesterday. I am keeping those affected in my prayers. Hard to imagine a point to it all.

Susan Turney said...

Love those background fabrics and the barn! Anxious to see this one grow!

Knatolee said...

LOVE this! He's a rare breed, you know. :) Chantecler!

Debra Dixon said...

The bright colors in the middle of the composition is going to be very expressive. Like it already with the dark barn.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hey Barbara......this piece is coming along nicely. I am enjoying your process images. Thanks for posting them.

My Best To You,
LuAnn in Oregon

Kay said...

Well, I'm not sure your idea of simple agrees with mine;) but, like Debra, I love it so far.

Larry goes in for his dental work tomorrow. I hope it goes as well as Watson's. I'm expecting a huge bill, for sure.

Unknown said...

Another lovely piece!

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