Mar 5, 2013

Ready to Start the Barn Owl

Well I have been working hard on this background.  I quilted some long needle scruffy pines and then added the tall weeds in the foreground.

 Blossoms were constructed on top of the stems and all was quilted.

 Then I added the background grasses and quilted them since I knew my stump would be in front of them and also my foreground grasses.

 Once I constructed my stump I placed it on the foreground and quilted it.  But only after I......
made sure it was in the right location for my barn owl.

Last I added my foreground grasses which I still have not quilted but will try to work that in today.
I am anxious to begin my owl but pleased with the background that he will be placed on.

In the meantime these two guys are staking out their territories.  They do not hang out long yet, but progress continues.  Now if I can just get the dogs on track.  They still want to chase after her when she is playing and running after things.  It has been 9 days now so I think we are doing good!.

1 comment:

WoolenSails said...

It is amazing how a flat background comes to live with the additions, love it. Someone doesn't look too happy up there or is that just the pouty look of his breed, lol.


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