Jan 8, 2013


Yesterday I worked on quilting my owl's face.  I used about 4 different threads blending them where they met.  It adds so much to the feathers and his neck.  Now today I will steal some time to work on his chest.

Watson could not stand it any longer.  He had to climb up on my ironing board and see if this guy was real.

He gave him a gentle pat and decided he was

On another note it is supposed to be a heat wave today,  40 degrees F!  I think I will take my
outside Christmas decorations down sometime this afternoon.  Then I am finished for the year.

I think I am the last one in the neighborhood to still have lights on.  For some reason this year I
wanted them on longer just to add beauty at night
when you come home in the dark. 

Have a great day today!


WoolenSails said...

The stitching really makes a difference, brings him to life and I can see why Watson got confused, lol.


Loris said...

This feels like 'living art'. I can see why Watson needed to touch it!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble with cats taking too much interest in the quilts! Go watson!

kavita sharma said...

very nice and creative quilt. I have not seen this before. I can imagine you have a lot of efforts in making this.
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