Oct 27, 2012


 I get asked about my stash a lot so here it is in my converted closet in my 8X10 foot studio which is the 3 bedroom of our 1929 Bungalow.  I arrange it by color and also have some boxes marked birds because I always choose some fabrics by the fact that they would make great feathers on birds.  I have tried to do a dark to light thing but it always ends up mixed together so I have given up on that.  On the floor are boxes of buttons and stamps and beads etc etc etc.
 I have a narrow shelf where I keep larger pieces of fabric and some misc. stuff!
Those baskets are all full of scraps or end pieces that I may or maynot ever use.

 This hutch is used for all my books, my colored pencils, shiva sticks, batting, folders with ideas, fabric paint etc. etc.

 I still use my 30 year old sewing table with my Bernina to sew on.  It sits under a bulletin board,
my Canadian Goose quilt and a shelf of memorabilia and antique sewing things.  In the plastic stacking drawers are all my threads sorted by color.

Above is my window and cutting table which I shot from the doorway into my studio.  It is a tight space but it is efficient.   My quilt guild ribbons hang there to motivate me and to show appreciation to the women who make them so nicely with our guilds sailboat block on each one.
Under the table are plastic boxes where I keep fusible and other supplies I use on a daily basis.
This shows my design wall where not much progress is being made on my owl this morning.  My second design wall has about 8 quilts pinned on it after photographing them for my Etsy shop.  Right now they are nice and flat and safe there and I do not need to use it so they will stay there until I need the space.  My quilt "Gouldians" hangs on the other side of the design wall.  I am not ready to part with it and enjoy it everyday there.

Of course my mascot is asleep in the sunshine with his little toy hanging from my light in case he gets bored.  He is always there when I am in the studio until it gets near supper time and he definitely lets me know he wants to eat.

I did not clean or anything for this photo session so you see what a normal day is like when I am working.  Hope you enjoyed the tour once again. 


WoolenSails said...

I enjoyed seeing where you create, lots of thing in one space, but organized so you can find it. I have too much, too spread out, so get lost, need to reorganize.


Debra Dixon said...

That was fun!

Susan Turney said...

I loved seeing your studio and it makes me want to go out to mine and organize!

Libby Fife said...

Always love the pics of your space in all of its filled up and used-everyday-glory! It's very you I think. Thanks for the tour:)

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

I just love seeing other artists creative spaces. Yours is lovely, thanks for sharing.

Knatolee said...

Your studio space is great, and so organized! No wonder such amazing things come out of there...

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Watson looks like right-side up? Mew.

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