Oct 28, 2012

One Eye

Wellllll.... A one eyed owl is coming along.  The other eye did not look right so I will do him tomorrow when I have a bit more patience.  Cutting out these circles can be a bit trying and difficult to get perfectly round.  I think he is looking pretty good and am going to rely on the quilting to add some of the feather detail.  I am not sure how to get the circle of feathers around his face yet so that is yet to come.

All the children were here for Halloween "Trick or Treat" and once again we ran out of candy due to increased nos. of kids from other towns.  It spoils it a bit for me since I can not figure out why so many parents drive them here because our city always has it during the day and on a Sunday closest to the actual day.  That way their children can get more candy when they will repeat the event when their own towns do it on Halloween.  Sort of sad to see but I keep giving until I am out and always make sure the kids I know in the neighborhood get something.


WoolenSails said...

I was wondering what colors you would use to show up against that background, love it, really stunning colors for him and he is just winking at you, owls do wink;)

That is a shame, I doubt anyone will come here, will be blowing like crazy, so not a good night to go out.


Libby Fife said...

Mr. Owl is looking good even if he is sort of craftily winking at us!

We had a similar problem with Halloween where I grew up. Kids came from other towns because their own towns weren't very safe to walk around in. It makes it a little tough. I do miss the little ones though that came to our door in Concord. They are so cute when they are all dressed up!

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