Jul 4, 2012


I have begun a new quilt.  The size is 34" X 26".  Here is a hint of what the background is about.  All of it is fused.  I thought it would be fun to give you hints as I move along and  then show you the completed piece when it is finished.

Happy 4th of July!!!  I hope some of you who are not suffering this horrid heat are enjoying the day.
Perhaps if you are submerged in a cool lake or pool you are.  We are staying indoors today.  It is not the type of weather that is good for my DH to be out in. So later today when it cools down into the 80"s we will grill some chicken and have a salad along with it.    It does make for some great time in the studio.

Check out the new widget I added.  Put your cursor over him and he will maybe purr for you.    I could not resist it.  


Susan Turney said...

How fun! I love the fabric with the bright swirls. Only 93 here today but there's a chance of thunderstorms so we canceled our plans to go to the 51s game. They're the Toronto Blue Jays' farm team. We've also got a little humidity and amazingly when you've gotten used to none, you can really feel it! Having dinner at a friends and if it's not raining we're going to one of the casinos for the fireworks.
Happy 4th and happy quilting!

Debra Dixon said...

Just another day in paradise at my house--indoors out of the heat working on a quilt video!

Happy 4th!

WoolenSails said...

It will be fun seeing what you make on this new piece, lost of beautiful colors and movement.


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