Jul 6, 2012

Hint 2 - Sketch

I have my sketch ready to go and here is your hint.  I had to enlarge it so I used my grid system but I sure wish I had a projector to do this instead.  I should look into finding one that I might use at the library or school.  Otherwise I may just go to my printer and see exactly how much it would cost for them to do it for me.  It may be worth it.

So...now to get started selecting fabric and getting some of these shapes onto my fusible. 

1 comment:

WoolenSails said...

The shapes look familiar, but not sure what type of plant it might be, or I am totally wrong, lol. I have a project, really nice to have one and you can get them at staples, just the cheap one is all you need, and it saves on paying to blow them up. I love using it for placement, I can beam the design onto my backing and try to keep it on the straight of the grain, that way.


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