Oct 25, 2011

Happy Pets

 Today we had to make a trip to Petsmart and I found this there that just needed 
to come home for Watson.

I also picked up a "Thundershirt" for Barley.  Debra had told me that it helped her dogs during a storm.  Barley is petrified of rain, thunder , lightning and car rides.  So we got him one.  It started to rain, I put it on and he is fine.
The real test will be thunder though and that is not happening tonight.


WoolenSails said...

Love that kitty house. I had a nice large one, but the cats I had, stopped using it, now I wish I had it. Never heard of a thunder coat, my dog hates things on him, so not sure if that would work. It is annoying to listen to him bark, the thunder is loud enough;)


Libby Fife said...

I wonder how the thunder coat works?

Lucky Watson:) My whole house is the cats' house!

Anonymous said...

I received a shipment of some sort recently and put the empty cardboard box on the dining room table. My Lil' Kitty jumped in it immediately. I left it there for, well, let's say longer than I should have. Not very pretty dining room decor, but kitty loved it.

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