May 27, 2011


 Each spring the garden just is so inspiring to me.

 Our Crab apple tree is profuse with blooms!

 My first Jack in the pulpit is still growing despite having its leaves chewed off by a bunny.

 Our Peach tree had such wonderful details in each bloom.

 An exotic tulip is baffling in shape.

Through it all Mr. Wren stands guard over his birdhouse full of eggs.

Soooo...since the poppies are about to bloom I went upstairs and made this little fun piece and am almost finished with the quilting.


Marie said...

Barb - this is exquisite. Love the colors together and the play of the polka dots and the stripes is entertaining. Overall - I love it.

Hugs - Marie

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful gardens, I stuck some seeds in this week, lol.
Love your new piece. I wanted something simple, but as usual I am trying something different and wondering why I make such little pieces;)


Kay said...

I love the colors on the little piece.

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