May 28, 2011

Evening Photography

I have been trying to take photos at different times of the day to see what effect they have on the resulting photograph using my camera.
This shot of the Magnolia tree has an entirely different feel to it while the sun is setting and it is in shadow.
The chicks and hens on the other hand...not much of a difference but they are 
pretty full this year.  They must like the cooler temps and all the rain?


WoolenSails said...

They say that is a good time to take photos, the light is better and you get just the right amount of shadow. Perfect for art pieces.


Marie said...

Interesting - I thought chicks and hens is a succulent cactus which doesn't take much water.

Hugs - Marie

Eva said...

Did you take these pictures with an automatic shutter speed? The milky light looks much like this. There is a kind of silence, a mysterious atmosphere about it, almost weird. Interesting.

Nellie's Needles said...

I'm loving all the pinks in your garden, as well as the effect of your evening photo.

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