Nov 10, 2010

Barley & Ozzie & IT & Gouldians...... Oh My!

We are having new windows put in the upstairs of our house.  They are coming tomorrow.  So I had to move everything in my studio in preparation.  This pretty much has put me out of business.  So I was out in the yard with Barley (top) and Ozzie late in the afternoon yesterday.  We are having some gorgeous 60 degree weather.  So they were happy to be out and browsing the yard.  I am glad because it will not be freezing in the house when the windows go in.

I am working on my "Interpret This!" piece and making some progress.  Here is a bit of a hint early!
As you can see part of my background is quilted.
My Gouldian Finch quilt is on the design wall and on hold right now.
A detail with leaves added & background quilted .


WoolenSails said...

Love the fabric and textured look on your new piece.
I am looking for that when I shop now, fabrics that would work well in art pieces.


Em said...

I can imagine how excited the pups were that you were "forced" to be outside with them!!! SO cute they are and your finch is lovely!

Libby Fife said...

I love that you are outside enjoying 60 degree weather-considering how cold it will be soon!

The pups and your new piece look great:)

frannie said...

Is that leather on your IT piece? I like the stitching, sure it's going to be lovely.
No kitty yet?

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