Aug 27, 2010

The Bridge My Interpretation

"The Bridge" 
30" X 23"
Designed, Raw edged fused applique, Shiva paint sticks
& machine quilted .

Here is the original photo 
I really enjoyed working on this interpretation for the group "Interpret This".  I had been wanting to try my hand at an architectural piece and this gave me that opportunity.

I began by sketching out the scene.  I decided to crop out the light pole on the right side.
Then I chose my fabrics for the buildings and water.  I was so lucky because this May my sister and fellow quilter, Bonnie, had given me about a dozen fat quarters of this stone like textural fabric.  It was perfect to use in this quilt.

I began with the background and began layering the buildings.

I continued across and then added the foreground and the details.

I quilted some of the lines in the shutters and did the same thing for the stone in the buildings as well as some roofing details.
I took the liberty to add umbrellas in front of the cafe because it just seemed so "French" to me.

I did the shadows on the water with shiva paint sticks which I thought were very effective and blended into the fabric I selected.  

I enjoyed this interpretation  so much and am happy with the results.


Terri Stegmiller said...

Wonderful results Barbara!

Anonymous said...


I tried to comment on the "Interpret This" site, but it doesn't accept people without blogs. So I chose to comment directly to you.
You did such a beautiful job that I thought I was back home. I have not been back to France for 5 years and this was a nostalgic moment for me to view your beautiful rendition of the challenge photo.
I am actually from Lorraine, but the French charm is all there! Congratulations,


Corryna said...

This is art! Great quilt.

Marie said...

Absolutely breath taking. You really captured the essence of the photo.

Hugs - Marie

Linda Zimmerman said...

Absolutely stunning!! Everything about the piece is stunning!

Laura Krasinski said...

wow.... I totally love this.. it is soooo beautiful...

WoolenSails said...

I love your piece better than the actual picture;)
I love the fabrics you used and was studying how you did it, with full close up. Did you leave the edges raw and then just sew in a bit? Do you use any type of fusible? I ironed out my scraps and want to just try something like this, by piecing on the fabrics and making a picture and like the idea of raw edge.


Eva said...

I can only add a boring posting, saying what the others said before. Yes, it is stunning and even more interesting and beautiful than the photograph.

Cameron said...

Barb, Another success, what can I say, you got it girl! I especially like the way you captured the water. I have been across the bridges several times and you captured the feeling-adding the umbrellas a great touch.

Em said...

That is true! The reflection in the water is beautiful! What a talent God has given to you! Thank you for sharing the process.

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