Jun 25, 2010

Lake Butte Des Morts

I have finished my "IT" piece so now I have time to post about last Sunday and our day out on the boat on Lake Butte Des Morts.  Lake Butte Des Morts was given its name by French settlers.  It means "Hill of the Dead" in reference to an Indian Burial Ground nearby.

  We picked up our daughter, Molly and her fiance, Mark in Oshkosh and went straight to the boat landing and were out on the river within a few minutes.
It was a gorgeous day.  (Some people were already snacking on Licorice!)
 You have to take the river and go under several bridges, some highways some railroads, to get onto the lake.  One way is Lake Winnebago and the other is Lake Butte des Morts.
Here is the Railroad bridge with a train going over it.
The wildlife seemed to have no problem with it.  
So funny to see.
There are also 3 or 4 restaurants along the way.  You can dock your boat and stop and eat.
We usually bring sandwiches and eat out on the lake but this did look tempting.  I have eaten here before but not when fishing.
Here is one of the walleyes I caught.  Bob did not want to be photographed with it because it 
was so small.  (He is a much prouder fisherman than I!)    We released it after this photo was taken.
Lots of fun!


Libby Fife said...

What gorgeous pictures! I love the one of the bridge especially. It looks like a beautiful day too.

The new layout looks pretty good.

WoolenSails said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day and a beautiful place to visit.


Cameron said...

What a fun trip, I love getting out on the water in a boat. Great pictures, and my husband is like yours, never a picture with such a small fish, and back into the lake go the trout-usually rainbow. I am confused though, is "It" your interpretation piece, or the goose piece?
Our sale went very well, a highlight being the great people who came by. They were all so ready to socialize. I gave great bargains on all kinds of goodies.

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