May 20, 2010

Winston & Kaffe

 Seems Winston prefers Kaffe Fassett fabric over the plush soft bed I spent money on for him!

I cannot believe it has been a week since I last posted.  Much has gone on including more health issues with my mother.   Once again she is on track but we are all hoping this is not a sign of a future of challenges for her.  It may also mean we are closer for her to move out of our family home that she has lived in for 47 years.  But that is yet to be determined.

On top of that. Barley gave us a scare yesterday with trouble breathing which is not good for pug nosed dogs.  So over to the vet right away and of course while he was there he acted normal and had no episode of snorting.  All pug nosed dogs will do that from time to time but he could not stop.  So they checked him over and decided it "could" be allergies to something so they put him on an antibiotic as well as an antihistamine.

As most of you know it was my birthday on May 17th.  62 years young.  I had a wonderful dinner out with my husband.  All the children were busy with other things going on including my son Jon buying his first house so it was just the two of us.  Since life has been rather stressful, I was happy with a day to relax!  Thank you to all my friends who sent me such nice birthday wishes.

So is there any time left to quilt?????  Not much, but I have been back finishing up my IT piece which is due to be posted on the 26th.  No showing that yet though!


Eva said...

A cat with a distinct taste.

Cameron said...

My thoughts are with you as I move into that faze with my mother. Check out my Mother's Day post if you ever have time-chuckle. I take my mother's arm whenever we go anywhere now, afraid that she may trip-a difficult reminder. And hard to admit, but not really, I am now 63, since Mar. 6, so can relate. Wishing you the best in the best of years. Cameron

Libby Fife said...

Happy belated birthday to you! Glad you had a good day.

Looking forward to your reveal too and glad that things are sort of settled down:)

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