Apr 20, 2010

Another Hint & Chicago Quilt Festival

I have been spending a lot of time outside lately.  We are putting up a storage shed and it is a much bigger project then anticipated.  We are both finding out we are not as young as we used to be.  In between all this I have been working on my Interpret This piece which I have another preview to show you.  I finished everything but the binding before coming to work today!   Tonight I will do the binding and pocket and label.   I had a lot of fun making this one.

Last Friday I attended the International Quilt Festival in Chicago.  Once again I saw some gorgeous quilts and learned a lot.  I love going to these shows to see techniques and quilt designs and thread painting etc.  Here is one by Barbara Shapel from Washington State which I loved.
"In Hiding"  by Barbara Shapel
Washington State
I love the quilting on this piece and the color.  The Blue Heron is just beautifully thread painted.
The fish are darling bits of color under the lush green of the Lily Pads and reeds.
I took a photo of the back to show the quilting but I must have gotten bumped when taking it as it is all blurry.  It was very crowded.
I found out that the show is being moved to Cincinnati and they are changing the date it will be held on.   I am so disappointed as this means I will not be able to attend unless we have sold the store by then.  In order to go it will mean a minimum of 3 days and that is just too hard for me to do right now.
So.....this may be my last International show for a while.  

I found some fabulous fabric & thread once again too.  Can't wait to use them in something.  Stopped at the Cheesecake Factory on the way home and had a great pasta dish called "Evelyn's Favorite" and then the red cake cheesecake.  I figured I had earned it with all the walking I did that day!!!!  


Nellie's Needles said...

Glad to hear you had fun ... both at the quilt show and interpreting my photo.

Now I'm hungry after reading about the food. Hmmm...wonder what's good in my kitchen.

Marie said...

I love the heron with the thread painting. Do you know a good tutorial or something? I want to learn that technique. I'm anxious to see your 'interpretation piece'.


WoolenSails said...

Love those quilts, beautiful work on them.
We have ours this weekend, so hopefully I can get some nice photos of the quilts.


Libby Fife said...

I love that that piece can be seen from the back or the front.

Putting up a shed is a lot of work. You will be happy when it is done though I bet:)

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