Apr 22, 2010

All about the Animals at Quilt Festival

This quilt won Best of Show at Quilt Festival - Chicago.  I have seen it in magazines etc but in person it is quite spectacular and lot of fun!

David Taylor once again won second place this year.  He won second last year for his goat and first the year before for his rooster.  They are amazing up close and personal.

Michelle Jackson did a beautiful job on "Bucky".  The bad thing was it was in a corner and it was so hard to get in to get a photo due to the crowd.  As you can see my photo was not good but at least I got one to share with you.  

Some day I hope to do an animal quilt so I pay extra attention when I see them in shows.
These taught me alot about how to go about things.  
Bucky and Sir Francis were for sale.  I wonder if they were purchased?

1 comment:

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I love the pig! boy, you can really take the girl off the farm but you can't the farm out of the girl can you?? my true colors are showing..

looks like a lot of fun was had! thanks for showing!

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