Mar 10, 2010

Cotton Candy

Over the weekend Bob and I could not resist getting out in the warm sun and enjoying our days off.  We decided to go to a local nursery to purchase some bonsai fertilizer and soil as well as be amongst the seedlings.
While we were there I spotted this hanging plant.  I thought it was moss which I love.
After looking at it, walking away, returning to look at it again, it had me.  I went and got one of the sales people and asked her about it.  She said it was a Boston Fern but it was called "Cotton Candy"!   It is a beautiful
lime-ish green and just mounds of teeny tiny leaves.
When you spritz it it sort of melts down for a bit similar to cotton candy.  I have placed it in my dining room on top of a stoneware crock and it is gorgeous!

Then he secretly bought me a bouquet of beautiful
pink and yellow tulips which I have on my coffee table and enjoy looking at each day while I  wait for
spring to arrive.  I hope they last a long time.

Do you think I was a better nurse to him then I
thought I was?  I must have been.

In the meantime I have started work on my next
"Interpret This" quilt.  I can not show you any of it until the end of the month though.  I plan on finishing it this weekend and then will start another one that I can share the process with you.

I am excited to begin working on my own work again and have had one design in mind for a while now.
I also want to get back to "Mulberry Bush" and finish that.  If any of you even remember that one.  It is folded up on my shelf and has been there since October when I had to set it aside.  I am anxious to see it again and finish the quilting.  So lots to do and if I were not such a fan of American Idol I would be making some progress!


Nellie's Needles said...

I love the fern.
I love the tulips.
And I can't wait to see how you incorporated that intriguing fabric and great thread in the challenge.

And I'm glad you're husband is well and you're both getting "out and about".

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Great fern!!! I need to find one of those! Love the name!
I hope the tulips last a long while, that was very sweet!!
Happy playing, can't wait to see what your working on!!

Libby Fife said...

Love the fern, the tulips, and the shot at a return to normalcy! Glad you got to the nursery.

I know your piece is going to be great:)

Cotton Yarn said...

Such a very nice cotton candy. i like tulips. thanks for sharing it.

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