Feb 27, 2010

Spa Rabbit

Do you know what this is?  It is my garden rabbit that my husband put on top of our spa to hold down the tarp cover during the winter.  That means all the snow is on top of our spa.  We usually open the spa again in March.  We need a lot of melting to happen  before we can do that, but at least his ears are showing now.

My reveal is tomorrow for "Interpret This!"  I have not had time to work on anything else this past month due to an unusual and hectic schedule.  Unfortunately I can not show you any of it until tomorrow.   Be sure to visit the site though (button in side bar) because others in the group are posting each day and it is so interesting to see how differently we each have interpreted the same photo.

My quilting buddy sister, Bonnie, slipped and fell down her porch steps two days ago and broke her arm/wrist.  Yesterday she had to go to the hospital for surgery to put pins in it.  I went and brought her home afterwards.  She not only has to keep her left arm in a sling for quite a while, she is also in the midst of a divorce and moving!   To top it off....no quilting until her arm is healed.   I just feel for her and hope this is all behind her soon.

Tuesday this week, Bob goes in for his surgery.  He will have to stay in the hospital over night.
My two daughters were coming but now this morning my one daughter called and told me that her boyfriend's Dad died in his sleep last night!   He is only 52!  

I am trying hard not to let all this get to me but I am thinking.....enough is enough now????!!!!!
This is when the teachings of Eckhart Tolle really comes into play.  He is a believer in living in the present moment and he really helps me so very much when dealing with so many negatives happening at one time.   I always recommend his book "A New Earth" to all who need help along the way with lifes challenges.


Rian said...

Please give Bonnie a hug for me and tell her I am sending healing thoughts her way. Her planets must be aligned and not in a good way. Life will get better.

52 is too young to die!!!!!

Can't wait to see your reveal.

WoolenSails said...

That is funny. I would love a jacuzzi, even in the winter it is nice to sit in a hot tub with the cold air outside. I hope Bonnie heals quickly, not fun being unable to quilt. As the saying, when it rains it pours, hopefully things will calm down soon.


Joyce said...

Sorry for all the negatives happening in your life right now. Living in the moment seems like the best way of coping.
Maybe some time in that spa will help. I'll be watching for your reveal. Such an interesting project.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you all for the well wishes. My problems, although trying, are small in comparison with so many others. We will all make it through this with time and then be back to normalcy and hopefully in the spa soon!!!! :)

Kay said...

It certainly is a negative time for you. I'm so sorry for the trouble you and your family are having.

Libby Fife said...

Oh Barbara! So much all at the same time. I am thinking positive thoughts for you and your family though:)

www.patbishop.blogspot.com said...

Good thoughts and prayers are coming your way. Hope your husband is better soon. Mine is finally almost back to his old self, a good old self. Also hope your friend Bonnie can find something in her life to laugh at right now. Maybe her broken wing will take her mind off her divorce. Sounds like you need a bowl of good chocolate, a large glass of wine and a good movie.

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