Feb 28, 2010

Hong Kong Garden

"Hong Kong Garden"
37 in. X 14"
Raw-edged fused appliqued
Machine quilted 

Inspiration photo
for the blog "Interpret This!"

I titled this quilt "Hong Kong Garden" because living in a small town we do not have any good Chinese restaurants in the area.  Instead we have the typical strip mall style chinese buffets.
Since this was where Bob and my daughter and I went on occassion, I chose to use three plates in my interpretation.

I had some leftover oriental fabric from a previous project and used that when doing the food and background.

I enjoyed this challenge immensely and for a more detailed description of my process click on the button for "Interpret This" on my sidebar .  You will be amazed at how different yet how similar we all 
translated the same photograph.

Feel free to critique my work in the comments, I always enjoy that. 


Linda Zimmerman said...

This piece is great! And a nice fiber journal entry of a memory. I hope your week goes well. And thank you for the title of the book you posted yesterday, I look forward to reading it.

Rian said...

Barbara, this piece positively makes me swoon. I tried (and failed) to go for a look like this. WELL DONE!! Love the way the quilting makes the flowers inside the frames vibrate.

Joyce said...

Very very nice. I love the way you quilted it!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

it's so cute! Did you applique the black border also? around the outer edge? i don't see your background pattern fabric disrupted... Love the appliques.. great job!

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