May 23, 2009


The Pincushion flower in my garden.

If you have time, visit Running With Scissors Studio's Blog and read about Laurie Swim's work.
I have been a big fan of hers and thought some of you might enjoy this Question Answer session
they had with her as well as seeing her quilts.

It is going to be a weekend that I am dedicating to quilting, quilting, quilting as much as I can.
Hopefully my next post will show you some progress I have made.


Nellie's Needles said...

Thanks for sending me to "Running With Scissors" site. There's lots of interesting articles and interviews to browse and read there.

PS: I like your selections of music.

Beena said...

Thanks for the pretty picture of the unusual flower, and the link. I had heard of her(Laurie Swim) and seen her work, but didn't know she had a blog which I now bookmarked.

I had planned on quilting over this weekend, but unfortunately my body and its aches and pains has had different plans. Weekend's not over, yet, though! Hope you get a lot done and have fun!

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