Dec 23, 2008

Snow snow and more snow!

I have to say, I do not remember this much snow in a long time. It just does not end.
Now I just hope that everyone in my family will have safe traveling to get home on Christmas day.
It was fun for a while and beautiful, but now, not so much fun just a lot of work keeping the sidewalks and driveway clean at both the house and the store. It is also hurting business as well which we sure do not need with the economy the way it is.

Today I picked up all the food for Christmas dinner including another turkey! I do not want to see a turkey for a long time after making 3 in one month! I am thinking next year, maybe gourmet pizzas and paper plates???

No progress on the pinecone quilt and I do not foresee finding any more time in the next few days either. So I will wish all who visit a Very Merry Christmas now. I hope all of you have a wonderful day with family or friends.

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