Dec 21, 2008

Family Christmas Day!

My dear husband got up early and had the turkey in just on time. He turned off the alarm and I just stayed under the down comforter along with the dogs who where curled up at the end of the bed. I got up around 7 and he was outside snow blowing with our neighbor who comes over and helps us from time to time. It is so nice of him as he has a bigger snow blower and can do a better job at the end of our driveway. So now I am waiting for the turkey to cook and then I will put the extra dressing that would not fit in the bird in an hour early and we are off.

It is about 4 degrees here and very windy, but the snow stopped. We will still have to watch the drifting across the roads on our way out there, but should be able to get there fine.
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Notice where B & O go to watch all the exitement outside.


Laura Krasinski said...

I just found your blog... I see you live in Plymouth.. I live in Menomonee Falls.. My daughter goes to camp Anokijig every summer and we go through Plymouth.. I too am an art quilter... I looked at your flickr site and you do really beautiful work. I belong to Milwaukee Art Quilters..

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Hi....Sorry it has taken me so long to post this comment. For some reason my comments were not showing up on my email....I will have to check my preferences and see if I accidentally changed something.

It is great to meet you and I know Camp Anokijig well. If you are ever in Plymouth be sure to stop in our antique shop (Timekeepers) downtown and say hi.

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