Sep 2, 2008

Continued progress

Monday afternoon I found some time to work on the quilt again. It was one of those days where everything started coming together and I feel like I made some good progress. I used some oil pastels to highlight some areas on leaves that I just felt needed some extra life and also for the reflection on the water. I am counting on the quilting to do the rest and I sure hope it does as right now it does not look anything like what I envision. Cross your fingers that that all comes out in the quilting. But in using the oil pastels I found that ironing over them blends the colors into each other and also diffuses it a bit. So you use a brighter color than what you want in the final process.
I enjoyed testing this in different areas of this quilt and am happy with the results I got. Now I plan to add a border and bring some leaves into it along with quilting branches and leaves in it. It will be the first quilt I add a border too. Perhaps I will decide not to after cutting it out and placing it on my design wall. I also need to fussy cut the ferns I decided to add to the bottom and mix them into the grass area. I hope you are enjoying the progress made on this piece.

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