Jul 1, 2008

Final work on Turtle Soup

I have possibly finished the quilting on the quilt body. I still want to add some embellishments but the water quilting is complete. I tried to give the impression of all the objects being in the water. In order to accomplish that, I have quilted the water with a metallic thread and have gone over the top of all the objects including the fish and turtle. After doing that I took strips of tulle and stretched them across the surface and stitched them down in order to give the illusion of water current. I am pretty happy with this effect and hope that you feel the same. My original intent was to place tulle over the entire top of the quilt. But it flattened all my 3 dimensional
seaweed and the effect of that was lost. So I opted for the strips instead as well as the water quilting going over the entire surface.

I will add embellishements, bind it, and put a label and sleeve and several fish on the back.
Then the project should be complete, but you never know if you feel the need to add one more touch.


Sarah said...

Hey Barb!

My mom and I are looking at your website. It's really lovely!


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Glad you enjoyed the quilts on my blog. Feel free to give me pointers or hints too. Come back to look anytime!

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