Jun 13, 2008

More quilting

Spent several hours quilting this morning before going to work. I believe that this is going to lay flat after all. The more I quilt the better it is getting. That is a relief as it was looking iffy for a while. In hind site I think I should have one the entire background first with quilting like I did with the other two. What prevented me from doing that is I wanted to add bubbles going up from the fish and turtle's mouths and also some water streaming back from the turtle as he swims into the depths. I had not placed any of these yet so had no idea yet where to quilt those details. I wanted to stay spontaneous with the placement of objects and not plan it out first. So this is what happens if you need to do that like me. But the learning goes on and I enjoy solving problems as well.

We have had record breaking rain here in the last few days. There is quite a bit of flooding nearby, but luckily we are high and dry, and all of our children are safe too. I feel very sorry for all the businesses and homes that have been damaged and need extensive repair now. My heart goes out to all those people.

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