Mar 31, 2013

Ghost Boreal

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday.  Ours was celebrated last weekend so we went out to eat with friends.  When we got home I worked on my next owl quilt.  I decided this one needs to be in a hole in a fir tree.  I chose the Boreal Owl as my subject.    The first thing I did was choose my bark fabrics.  Then I made the circle for the hole in the tree,  The owl will fill most of it but there will be some of the back of the dark hole showing so I put a dark piece of fabric in there.

 Next I traced around the hole piece on the backing and batting sandwich.  Now I was ready to put all the tree bark on the batting fusing it in place.

 Once that was finished, I put the hole back on .  I like it, but need to add some additional pieces later to get it to look more like it is coming out of the tree not a wreath on the tree.

For now I put the tissue drawing of my Boreal Owl in the hole and see I need a bit more dark fabric on the left hand side too.   I am not fusing the inner part of the hole ring down yet as the owl will get tucked under it.  However I will quilt the bark of the tree body now and part of the hole circle on the outer edges once I am happy how it looks.

I just looked out the window because it was getting dark out and instead of rain we are getting snow, big white flakes!   Will winter ever give up?


WoolenSails said...

I love it! Really nice use of fabrics and depth for the tree. I hope you had a wonderful day today.


Debra Dixon said...

Your owl series is really one of your best!

Susan Turney said...

I just LOVE this series!

Loris said...

This is going to be wonderful!

Libby Fife said...

Winter can be relentless!

Great idea to have your new friend looking out of a hole:)

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