Jan 16, 2013


 In between grocery shopping and contractors showing up to give us estimates on the repair of our kitchen, I began work on my tree which is in both the foreground and the background.  I added one branch as was shown in the photo but did not like it on its own.  The Great-Horned Owl is rarely seen in the daylight and if he is,  he makes sure he is camouflaged amoungst that trees sometimes picking the densest of trees to hide in.  The photographer caught him at an unusual moment however I am choosing to at least put a bit of the short needle pine branches around him.

I returned my sketch, which I do on tracing paper, to the quilt.  I like it but it needs more.

 I added another branch to the upper portion of the quilt.

 It is okay but it needs more to look dense like a pine would be.

I added a third branch on the bottom angling it different direction and since It is in the foreground, because I will continue it in front of the bird once he is on the quilt, it is larger.

Now I will quilt these branches and add the needles with thread.  


  1. I'm amazed at how real that tree trunk looks.

  2. Every time you make a new piece, I think, this is my favorite, lol. Love the soft blues and lights with the darker tree.


  3. Holy Smoly! Somehow I didn't realize you we're starting a new quilt already! I just love watching and it looks like this one will be another stunner! I love the tree and branches so far and I know there's so much more to come.

  4. Beautiful start! I love the tree, but it's the background that has me intrigued.

  5. This is gonna be another beauty!