Jan 20, 2013

Pine Needles

 I had both of my Grandson's for the weekend.  After they left today I went back to the studio to keep working on my pine needles.    I fused the larger part of the each branch, quilt it, outline it and then stitch in the smaller branches in a variegated thread.  When I have all the branches in I begin adding the needles with thread.  It is a tedious process but the results are worth it.

I keep my sketch of the short needle pine close by so I remember the layout of its branches. 

It is below zero today and colder weather is coming tomorrow.   Good weather to stay put in the studio that is for sure! 


  1. When I can blow up the photo and see really close up and it still looks nice, you know you did a beautiful job;) I like how those pines look, I really have to try thread painting.


  2. Barbara, this is very beautiful. What weight thread are you using? It looks very thick?!?

  3. How is it possible that colder weather is on its way???? LOL!

    Stay put and keep warm. Your needles look great!

  4. Very cool. Love the needles. Very well created.

  5. lovely work. I love your needles.