Jul 5, 2015


We have now been in this house for a year and in that time we have worked hard on a badly neglected yard.   I thought I would give you a tour.

This is our drive up to our house thru the woods.
The front of our house with new plantings along the sidewalk leading to front door.
 A wren sits atop one of the last birdhouses painted by my mother and given to me for this house.

The walkway to the back door and deck
 A view of the back of the house and lower level patio.

 The "barn" and raised bed vegetable garden.

 My Woods

 Summer's Beauty


Susan Turney said...

Just beautiful, Barb! Your hard work has paid off big time.

Susan Turney said...

Jeez, I haven't left any comments lately because I had to change all my passwords and couldn't remember the Google one. This time it remembered me!

WoolenSails said...

Love how everything looks around the house, your own retreat at home and having nature to enjoy right from the house, that is the perfect place to be.


Knatolee said...

It's looking wonderful!!

Libby Fife said...

What a wonderful setup! Didn't the nude boy make it to the garden?

Unknown said...


Rian said...

Wow, that's a lot of house! But it's beautiful, just beautiful! Here's to many happy, healthy years there!

Bunny said...

Hi, I just found your Blog and love all your art quilts. They are wonderful I would love to make art quilts, I have taken classes on portrait quilts with Marilyn Bedford and wondered if you teach on line too. I am no artist LOL. Do you start with a photo I would love to know your process.
Your horse quilts are wonderful.

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