Jun 12, 2015


 I am starting a new piece and am doing a whole cloth background this time.  This is an overdyed piece by Wendy Richardson and I love it so much just the way it is.  So I have made it to the 30 X 30 size I need and have quilted it.

 Now I need some poppies to put on it.  I like to make up the big flowers first because their positioning on the background will be most important and everything else will be worked in around them.  I keep a sketchbook of drawings to go to when I need flowers and I love poppies so always have an abundance to choose from.  Here is one.

I place my sheet of tracing paper over the drawing and redraw and number each petal and the center.  This will be used to trace out these petals on the fusible as well as my guide when putting it all together as most of you have seen me do. 

They will be done in shades of orange.


Jacqueline said...

Your starting piece of fabric is beautiful. I look forward to your latest journey.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I just bought a hand dyed piece of fabric that I am thinking of making a lily pond. I will put it on my blog. I was wondering how I would actually do that, and your post helps out although I have to rethink the fusible part.

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful piece of fabric and the poppies are going to look stunning on it.


Trish said...

Dontcha love Wendy's stuff? I have quite the collection still awaiting use! Looking forward to seeing your poppies!

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