Sep 18, 2014


 Finished all that I need to do int he background, the furthest back in the scene.  
All the quilting is finished.  Looks odd I know but it will all come together as you will see when I start the first thing is the middle ground which is an old pine tree.  One of my favorite trees to quilt.

Had my grandson's Max and Clay come for a visit and a sleepover in the new house.
We had fun gathering acorns for fall decorations and riding on Grandps's "tractor" and having a campfire.  Those boys fill my heart with JOY!


WoolenSails said...

I love seeing the progress and know you always add things in spots that may make it look odd to others. I am trying to relearn things so studying your placements, fabrics and quilting helps me to see how I can do things when I start an art piece. Love the photos, looks like a lot of fun with the boys.


Unknown said...

thank you so much for posting this Barb; it is just what I needed to figure out what I am trying to achieve on my own art quilts. You are amazing!!!! Just amazing!!!! bless you!

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