Sep 6, 2014


I finally feel like I am back into the groove so to speak when in my studio.  I was floundering for a while.  I think I replaced that road 3 or 4 times before settling on this piece of fabric.  It got so frustrating I would leave the room and do something else just to step back a bit.  However, I finally feel back in the groove and like I know where I am going and what I want this piece to say. 

That is a very good thing!!! 


WoolenSails said...

I really like the fabric, that you used. It has just the right texture and contrast to show as a road but blend in with the ground.


Trish said...

Now, where is that LIKE button...? 👍
Glad you are finding your groove!

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Glad to see you back to your new studio. I can't wait to see what this piece becomes.

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