Aug 26, 2014


 Remember this sketch from two months ago when we first began our move to our new house?  Well I am ready to start working again and today was my first full day in my new studio.

I finished the basic background today and will now begin to fill in all of the objects starting with the ones furthest in the background.  I am excited to see this come together.  It will be complicated but I have high hopes for it.

Feels so very good to be back working on what I love to do.  Thank you all for all your support during this move and for sticking with me.   Barbara


WoolenSails said...

Really like the subject and how you added more detail in the background, will be fun seeing it evolve.


Susan Turney said...

Another fun one to watch! I'm so glad you're back to quilting. I've missed your posts!

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