Jul 14, 2014


 Well....what used to be a bunch of half dead junipers is now a softscape of various plants mulched and leading you to the front door.  What a job that was.  We left an opening so you could walk along the front porch if it is raining.

 The I planted these stone terraced beds .... rebuilding the stone walls as this was totally in ruin.   Looks a little sparse right now but it will fill in nicely in time.

 The opposite side had some day lilies still in it but the rest was empty and also falling down so now it is all planted and back in shape.  We also planted the river birch you see in the foreground.  I love birches and had to have at least one in the yard.

Notice how there are now stone steps so if you are in the front yard you can step down this terrace to get to the back yard instead of walking all the way around.   My arms are
getting fit and trim after tackling this.


WoolenSails said...

Love how your yard is laid out and the different levels. I wish our basement opened up to the back like that and our porch was on a lower level, makes it a pain to go up and down stairs in the back.


Susan Turney said...

Wow! You have so much energy! It's beautiful!

Libby Fife said...

I bet your arms are in great shape indeed! What a beautiful yard and great improvements already. Also glad that the weather looks so good:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are turning an ugly duckling into a swan!

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