May 13, 2014


Unlike many art quilters, I choose to not quilt traditional quilting designs on my pieces.  I want the piece to replicate the reality of the scene and be more mainstream art quality rather then a mix between traditional quilt and art.  I am proud of my traditional quilt background and used meanderings and other fillers in the beginning as well as feathers and leaves on vines and other quilting designs.
However, at some stage in this growth as an art quilter, I personally thought it looked foreign to the art work and chose to now just replicate and add texture with my quilting. My backgrounds are usually organic lines...sometimes wavy..sometimes fairly straight because I do not want the quilting to interfere with the fabric choice.  There are also times when I choose to quilt in parts of the background fabric particularly when it is leaves or branches. In this case with this background I could have easily done that but I wanted the background to totally fade away so the crab apple tree came forward and then the blue jay even further into the foreground..

You may choose differently and that is what it is all about....finding your style.


Carol said...

Well stated. I've just found your blog and love your quilts. I think the way you "design forward" brings the quilts to life. They pop!

WoolenSails said...

This really shows off the colors better, really gorgeous shades. I like how you do the quilting and stitching, it gives it just the right movement without distracting from the design.


Rian said...

The quilting is supposed to add dimension, not steal the focus, and you have done a beautiful job. The jay really POPS! You have knocked another home run out of the park!

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