Mar 1, 2014

Moving Into The Water

 I am slowly moving into the water now.  The shoreline is pretty much finished on the land  and now need to work on the pier soon and then all the reeds and lily pads.

Put in two red twig dogwoods not in the inspiration photo but what is found on the shoreline on this lake.  Need to tone down the leaves on the one on the right but am not concerned about it yet.  Will first see how it plays with the other elements that are yet to come.   Great progress in four hours time.

Next will be some lighter colored reeds and then the pier and the rowboat parked behind it.  This will be difficult as I must get the angles right or it will not work.  It is when you do have to use your math skills and think about angles etc.  In my case that is where I need to mentally prepare myself first and wake up the other side of my brain!

Hope you all are enjoying this so far!  Can you smell the water yet?

1 comment:

Susan Turney said...

Yes, yes! It's, as always, awe-inspiring.

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