Jan 29, 2014

"Deer Trace"

"Deer Trace"
25 1/2" X 18"
Raw edged fused applique
Inktense pencil
Tulle Fog

I must admit that this piece had its challenges and I almost gave up on it.  However, I persevered and am fairly happy with the results.  I always remember looking down into the field by our house growing up, and seeing the deer in the early morning.  They would be nervous as the daylight crept in but could not resist a few more bites of the fresh spring grass before heading back into the woods.

Not sure I would use the tulle as extensively the next time.  I hate working with invisible thread even though it moved through the machine well.  It is just hard to handle and not my favorite but for the fog it does disappear well.   I chose to try using a new product I have been hearing about which is the inktense pencil.  It is like a colored pencil but if you take a wet brush to it afterwards it blends right in.  I used it to shade the edges of the tree and its branches and I thought it worked nicely.  I also used it on the deer's bodies for shading    Hope you enjoyed the rocky road journey with me.   On to another adventure.

This piece will be available in my Etsy Shoppe:                  Etsy Shoppe


Terri Stegmiller said...

Beautiful work!

Susan Turney said...

So glad you stayed with it. It's beautiful.

WoolenSails said...

Absolutely beautiful, I love seeing the close ups and all the detail you added with the stitches.


Libby Fife said...

You really did a great job. That tree is especially wonderful with the needles-that must have taken a bit. It's the graphic appeal for me that you do so well plus just the right balance of details.

Nervous deer? Not around here. They OWN the park!

Debra Dixon said...

Really superb!!

Sandra said...

I read your earlier post with the misgivings about the tree. You have finished it beautifully. The placement of the deer is just perfect. Wonderful piece.

Beverly said...

This is just beautiful, Barbara.

In My Dreams said...

Incredibly beautiful! So glad you didn't give up on it.The pine tree treatment is so realistic and I love the ghostly quality of the deer. Adding you to my blog list! I want to learn more about your technique.
Thank you for sharing

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