Nov 10, 2013

Construction of Hummingbird

I have discovered that Hummingbirds are not the easiest birds to construct.  It has been a slow and easy progression but….it is getting there little by little.  That is why I have not posted a lot.  However the second one should go a lot faster after working out all the kinks on the first one.  I do this all on a teflon sheet and will peel it off when complete.

 In the meantime it continues to be quite cold here in November.  That garage roof is normally black but has a heavy coating of frost on it this morning.

Here in the studio it is definitely a "dogs life"!


WoolenSails said...

That is a lot of color variation, but beautifully done. Sometimes the harder things are, the easier for me, I get stuck on the simple things, lol.


Libby Fife said...

That does look a little tough. Lots of detail? He's pretty though. Maybe it is a girl:)

Loris said...

Lovely color choices in your hummingbird. It will be wonderful with the fuchsias.
Hugs to the sweet pup :-)

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