Sep 23, 2013

Taking Camera Off Auto

Went out to the garden to try my hand with my new camera off of automatic.  Not so good but not the worst either.  Used a macro lens no tripod and it was breezy so  those are my excuses.  Fun though.  Need to reread on how to change shutter speed for breezy days.

Also got my bike....a TREK 21 speed made right here in Wisconsin.  Like that.
I am in love with it.   Took a ride this afternoon....learned a few things.  My legs are not in as good of shape as I thought. I do a lot of walking.....well obviously walking does not use the same muscles or not as much of them???  All I know is even when shifting down into the lower gears for uphill....I got off that bike and my legs were rubber.  Felt fine on the bike...not off.  So
tomorrow I will go again and this time remember that and make sure I do not go further then I should ....but it is fun and you can easily get from one side of town to the other very fast.

Obviously all of this technical stuff above took my out of the studio but it was worth it on this beautiful day.


WoolenSails said...

Fun to play with a new lens and not have to worry about wasting film. I should get my bike out and see if I can handle it, great time of year to be out.


Libby Fife said...

Get out while you can! Enjoy the bike and camera. Your legs will get stronger in a hurry:)

Anonymous said...

Actually, your new bike is mostly assembled in the USA of imported parts.

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