Aug 24, 2013

Keep On Boating

Work continues on my water scene....slowly.  Lots of distractions this week mostly of my own doing.   I have decided to get a bike, Fuji Hybrid,  and am so excited to start biking to locations to difficult to stop and photograph with a car.  Then in addition to that I bought a new camers Canon Rebel t5i.   So  there will be a bit of a learning curve with the camera but I am excited for it to arrive this coming week and go out and experiment while the weather is still beautiful and warm

This morning went to the Farmers Market in Elkhart Lake again this morning.  This time ran into a High School Classmate.  He does beautiful exotic wood pieces that are exquisite.  It was fun to see and talk to him again.  Then stopped at the Sewing Basket, our local fabulous quilt shop, and bought some new fabric which  hopefully will help me finish the above piece.  I need to remove the larger lily pads as they are way too big in comparison to the boat as you can see.  This will take a bit of time but necessary.

It is my daughter Molly's birthday today  and she has turned 30!  How can that be???? Where did that time go. We are going out to celebrate tonight.  Will go to Wild Truffle up in Appleton.

Should be a lot of fun.....


WoolenSails said...

The new bike and camera sound wonderful and will be nice for you to get out and take photos for future projects. I have seen large lily pads, lol. Have fun at your daughter's birthday, mine is 28 and living at home again.


Rian said...

Congratulations on your new bike and camera. I cannot wait to see what you photograph!


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Knatolee said...

Beautiful! I love the lily pads. And happy birthday Molly!

William Robin said...

That's great Barbara Strobel Lardon. Very beautiful lily pads. Fab images and you may actually have inspired me ..... Visit Our Site

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