Jul 25, 2013

Water Lilies and Cattails

 Water Lilies and Cattails continues to grow.  I have not had the time as I had hoped to in the studio this week.  Seems there is a ton of paperwork to do after an auction and a closing of one business and the opening of another.  Plus the work setting up the new shop has been very time consuming.   However....there was some studio time and it you look at the previous post you can compare.
This detail shot will show some of the small lilies have not been quilting yet.  I hope to do that later today if I can.  I am enjoying working on this piece even thought it has had to be here and there...but that is better then nothing.  Next week ought to be productive. 


WoolenSails said...

I hope everything gets settled so you can relax and work more in your studio. You always inspire me with your beautiful pieces.


Libby Fife said...

I can't believe you even got this done! Goodness! The colors are lovely and I like those reeds a lot:)

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