Apr 25, 2013

Rooster Under The Needle

 Finished up quilting the feathers on my big white rooster.  I need to finish his face details and then all that is left is the binding. 

It was warm enough late in the afternoon to open the window for the first time.  Both Watson and Zoey were riveted to the birds on the bare branches of the red maple that is right outside of the window.  Hopefully it will leaf out soon as this side yard view is not too pleasant.


WoolenSails said...

I like how the rooster looks like he is raised, do you do that with stitching or a thicker fusible? Love having the windows open, so nice to have spring again.


Libby Fife said...

Look at those ctas! They look like they have always been best buds:)

Your rooster looks great! "Under the needle" always makes it sound so serious:):):)

Susan Turney said...

Wow! He looks soooo good! And fun to work on!
This one's going to be another stunner.
I love the photo of the happy kitties! So glad you're finally getting some Spring weather.

Sandra said...

Your rooster is looking great. Another winner there!
Your kitties need a bird feeder on that tree...My husband used a dog kennel and made a cat cage for our three that has a doggie door on a window for them to go in and out in good weather. It also has fencing for a top. It works great and the cats love that little bit of safe freedom. (and sometimes birds and other little critters wander into the cage which really gives them a thrill)

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