Apr 8, 2013

"Boreal Owl"

 "Boreal Owl"
18" X 19 1/2"
Original Design
Rawedged Fused Applique
Machine Quilted
April 2013

 Detail of bird

Detail of bark and pine

The Boreal Owl is a smaller owl so I wanted a smaller quilt to depict him on.  I decided to put him in a hole in a tree.  Only doing a partial body was fun and took  a lot less time.  I added the  need branches of a fir tree to keep my series unified with some of the same elements.  The hole itself was a challenge but I was happy with the results. The journey was a smooth and enjoyable one.


WoolenSails said...

I really love this piece with the tree, has such depth and texture to it and the quilted needles pull it all together. Of course the owl is wonderful too.


Loris said...

Boreal Owl comes together so charming! The hole in the tree, the perfect fabrics and thread painting. He makes me want to hang out with him in the forest :-)
Wish I could see these guys in my neck of the woods!

Terri Stegmiller said...

He's very cute and looks like he's a bit shy. I love the circle fabric you used in the cheeks.

Kay said...

Again, you've given the owl his own personality. Very nice work!

Libby Fife said...

It's a great setting for him and as always, your quilting and fabric selection is superb! You have a great collection going and sort of reminds me of when you put all of the hospital pieces together. Very nice:)

Molly, Sweet Potato Shop said...

LOVE the closeup shots!

Trish said...

Love it! That bark is amazing, as are the pine needles...so many thread color changes! The owl looks young...not threatening as some owls do. Overall, another winner!

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