Mar 22, 2013

Body Building

 Well it has been fun days in the studio because I am locked up here since the workmen are in the kitchen finishing up.   Really can not do much else right now anyway so it has made for some very productive. time.     I made feathers for part of the time and added them one by one to the body.
The center chest feathers have tulle over them to tone them down since they have a lot of downy fluff around them. 
Once again I took it to the machine and quilted each of them.  There will be some highlighting quilt lines still going in but I will wait until his head is on.  He definitely needs his head!


WoolenSails said...

It is amazing how life like you have made the feathering with the fabrics. I need to go through my stash and start putting together the ones that will go good in art pieces.


Rian said...

Head or no head, those feathers are outtasight!

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