Mar 15, 2013

A Bit of This & That!

 I feel badly that I have not had time to post anything for the last few days but we got the call from our builder that he was going to tarp our roof since it did not look like good 40 degree weather would be here for a while.  Then they came in and began the work on the ceiling. 
 Here is how it looked to begin with.  I still can not believe someone along the way painted it orange!

 Of course everything had to be put in the dining room while this is being done.

 After three days this is what it looks like now.  We had the pot lights put in as long as we had the ceiling open.

 I had to keep the "kids" our of there while the workmen were here but they had no problem adjusting.

 I actually fit in a few hours to begin work on my background for my snowy owl.

 Here it is ready to be quilted.

Zoey continues to adjust to her new surroundings and now that birds are slowing returning she really enjoys her bed next to the window next to Watson's especially because........

They are now buddies and play together !   It will be three weeks that Zoey was adopted this Sunday.  I am thrilled how well she is doing and she even likes the dogs and rubs against Ozzie when he is around. 


WoolenSails said...

We looked at cabinets again, still checking out pricing and want to make sure we get the best deal for something I actually like. This time I went with a simple bead board and some features for the corner cabinets.

It is good to see the kitties playing. Mine play but not very nicely, they are both instigators.


Libby Fife said...

You are going to love those lights!

I love that Watson is nearly the same size as Ozzie/Barley. Which one is he??? LOL! And you did the right thing with Zoey-she didn't know much when you got her and it is amazing how quickly they figure out what is what in a multiple animal household.

Terri Stegmiller said...

Yikes, your kitchen looks quite messy, glad to see it's getting put back together for you. Orange ceiling huh? Well I like orange....but!

Glad to hear the three furry family members are enjoying each other now.

Love that bit of blue in the quilt.

Susan Turney said...

The new ceiling and lights look great. I so hope this is the LAST time!
I love the way you do your background. I was thinking that Terri Stegmiller had done hers that way, too, and there she was, commenting! I'm at the stage where the background is finished for the new challenge and am going to try quilting it before I add much smarter, thanks to you!

I love seeing the kitties so happy, too!

Kay said...

Renovation is such a mess, isn't it? But sometimes you have to do it. We have some bathroom work coming up. Ugh. Easier to live with than a kitchen though. Good luck.

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