Dec 30, 2012

Starting Anew

 Finished the assembly of a new background for my next piece. 
I did organic line quilting over all of it.  Now it is ready for me to work on with my next owl.
I am doing a Hoot Owl.  What is unique about them is they have black eyes instead of the usual
bright yellow/orange.  They are also large, growing to about 16 to 25 inches.  They are  known as the Eight Hooter, Rain Owl, Wood Owl, & Barred Owl.   I think there is one outside in my backyard at night based on their distinctive Hoot.  Listen and see this owl and its black eyes here:  Hooter

1 comment:

Gilli said...

Great link. I really miss the barred owls we had in our little woods when we lived in Juneau county. They're a beautiful bird. Love your background fabric choices.

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