Dec 4, 2012


 I have added some birch trees and a couple other structures in the background.

 Here is a closeup of some ot the quilting  on the small structures in the far background.  I usually do not do anything fancy with my quilting.  I just try to reflect nature and in some cases the allusion of leaves or grass etc.

This is the larger barns and sheds. You can see the grasses growing around the base of the shed and the beginnings of a fence line. 

Off to my mother's now to help her out with a few things (she is 88) and then back home to the studio.  Taking my camera just in case I see something inspiring when I am there.


WoolenSails said...

I was studying your stitching, love how you did the textures and the grass on the side. What i was trying to figure out is, do you go up and back or stop and cut when doing grass?


Knatolee said...

I love all the colours and patterns in this, and subtle shading. Gorgeous, Barb.

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