Aug 26, 2012


 Still working on the background today.  I have finished quilting it and now am adding a border around the edge.  I want the border to go up the sides and partially into the top and bottom and then disappear into the background.  During this process I resort to using pieces of already fused scraps that I keep in plastic shoe boxes.  This causes the cutting table to become a mess but luckily Watson is asleep on the bed in the guest room! 
Here it is lightly fused down.  I need to change the light blue in the upper left corner and then I think it works pretty well.  Then I will begin Mr. Rooster. 


Nina Marie said...

hmmm - this reminds me of Eric Carle work. What a nice use of scraps!

WoolenSails said...

I never like anything until it is finished, it is when all the elements come together that it becomes an art piece we love. That is one nice thing about rug hooking, if we don't like it, we can take out some hoops and fix it.


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