May 2, 2012

Mother & Canvas

 My days have been filled with helping my mother who is now 87 years old.  Here she is at 3 years old.
She is still living in her house and other than some memory loss doing very well.   She says she remembers this dress as a blue silk and how she loved it.  She could never understand the heavy leggings that her mother chose for her to wear with it.    You can see where I get my thick hair from.

So I was out there talking to the painter who is going to paint her kitchen dining and foyer in the next month.  Then it was out to my flower bed working it and weeding.  It is looking good now.  In case you forgot a few of us gardeners (brothers and sisters) have adopted a flower bed out by my Moms.  We take care of it for here since she can no longer get down to do anything that is not in a pot.  It was the perfect day, high 60's and sunny.  Today it rained so that was perfect for the new plants we added to take hold.   

I have had time to prepare my next three "canvasses" for my continued 12X12 projects.  I like to think of them as a canvas that you would prepare to do a painting.  These are layered and quilted.  I hope to work on them today sometime since I am waiting all morning for the men to deliver and install a new microwave above our stove with a vent on it.  I have gone way too long to not have a vent in there and you can only open windows for so long.  Then I do have to run to the grocery and finish some laundry but....I am sure there will be time to spend on these.


Libby Fife said...

You can totally see that your mom's face didn't change a bit over the years. I recognized her right away!

Busy, busy!

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful photo of your mom. My grandmother lived on her own till she was 96. Really nice shades in your new pieces. I want to try some dying, I used to love doing batik, but rather work outside when it gets warmer.


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